The W Collective is a collection of women from all different seasons of life and backgrounds. We love empowering hope, so we create opportunities for women to share joy, build strength, and encourage one another to walk in dignity in Christ. Our desire is to simplify and enrich the journey of faith while celebrating the bonds of friendship.


Our W Nights are our annual events your most fun self would never let you miss! These are the nights, in the fall, that we set aside time for three main things: encouragement, laughter, and FUN. Girls just wanna have fun, right?!  

This is the time that our collective of women gather, across all our locations, to laugh together, slow down on purpose, choose to be encouraged by a message specifically for women, and definitely, dance a little at the end! Whether you bring your favorite women or you come desiring to increase your circle, it’s a night to be recharged, refilled, and have joy restored. You work hard; you deserve a night with other women ready to celebrate and champion you! 



Our W Brunch is our spring gathering intended to refresh you and inspire you to deeper joy and identity in Christ as a woman of God. This morning is set aside just for you, our collective of women, to be reminded of His heart for you, your uniquely feminine design, and the power in your purpose.

As we brunch, we obviously enjoy delightful food, as well as an encouraging and uplifting message, centered around conversations within a community of women from all walks of life and varied backgrounds. We are truly better (and much more fun) together!


In an effort to help women connect better with one another and the Word of God, we developed our W Bible Studies. The mission is to demonstrate the simplicity of conversations about the Bible and grow in relationship with the Lord – all while enjoying the women in your world.

These media-based studies simplify studying the Word for you because they are 7 weeks of fully pre-recorded discussions on topics, such as the Beatitudes, and many more. All of the knowledge of the Word, context, study points, and curriculum needs are already done FOR you. Your role is simply to host a collection of your girlfriends, (family, co-workers, gym buddies) watch the sessions together, and follow the discussion guide provided afterwards. 

Simple. And prayerfully just the tool you need to get you excited about growing in relationship with God or keep you connected on your journey. 


As a collective, we cultivate community and develop depth through our W Nights, W Brunches, and Bible Studies. We desire that you know Jesus, feel known by Him, and have an army (big or small) of women cheering you on.