Men's Bible Study

Join us every Tuesday at 7am as we begin our study on “The Way to Win!”  

Do you want to win in the areas of life that you care about the most?

Life is not a game. The Bible uses competitive sports metaphors to demonstrate the discipline and training necessary to grow and become everything God created you to be. The things we care about most - our identity, our purpose, our relationships - are far more important than a game. We have to learn to win in these areas. There are tangible goals we can shoot for. This study is not a fail-proof formula to avoid pain, challenges, or adversity. It's a journey to a deeper relationship with God. We believe that you will be more successful in your personal life and professional career through a greater understanding of God's Word. Join us as we learn to build a healthy culture both in your workplace and in your home. 




If you would like to purchase the book that our study is based on, click here. The Bible Study will run April 9th-May 21st.


6:45am: Doors Open

7am: Welcome/Announcements/Pray

7:10am - 7:40am: Message

7:40am - 7:55am: Group Discussion/Prayer

7:55am - 8am: Close


Men’s Bible Study - Every Tuesday at 7am


Men’s Breakfast - Second Saturday of every month at 8am 


Men’s Breakfast - Second Saturday of every month at 8am 

W Collective Women’s Bible Study 

Join us every Tuesday at 11am as we begin our study on The Book of Ruth.

Do you struggle making room in your life for the most important things? 

We get it, being a woman is not always easy. We are juggling so many of life’s responsibilities and relationships, while trying to maintain the most important relationship - the one we have with God. Join us as we study how to make room in the midst of inconvenience, in spite of fear, and with the influence that God has placed in front of you. We believe that as we journey together through the book of Ruth, you will receive fresh revelation from God’s Word, grow in community, and experience life in our beautiful collective of women.  

The Bible Study will run April 9th-May 21st.


10:45am: Doors Open

11:00am - 11:05am: Welcome/ Pray

11:05am - 11:35am: Message

11:35am - 11:55am: Group Discussion/Prayer

11:55am - 12pm: Close