Lead a Group

We believe every person is created with God-given potential to make a difference in the world. HC Groups are a place where you can grow with others to become more like Jesus and reach the potential God has put inside you. 

You don’t need to have it all together to lead a group. You just need to be willing to allow God to use you. As group leaders, our goal is to create a small group environment where authentic relationships can be formed so that people can find freedom and take the next steps in their faith. Below you will find the steps you can take to become a HC Group Leader and become a part of what God is doing at Hope City. 

How to Lead a Group

1. Attend HC Connect

Our goal is for each individual to discover their purpose and create meaningful relationships to navigate life with.

2. Register To Lead A Group

Whether you are a brand new leader or a returning veteran, this form  allows you to register for the HC Group Leadership Training or the launching of your group.

HC Group Leader Resources

Every person at Hope City can have FREE access to over 20,000 Biblically-based videos for groups on topics like marriage, parenting, leadership, youth, recovery, finances and so much more. Click below to sign up for your Free membership.

Sermon Discussion Guides

Our Sermon Discussion Guides are a great companion resource to the weekly message. These studies have been written by the Hope City Staff and have been designed to be used individually or within the context of a HC Group.