Resources for Racial Reconciliation

Change Begins With Us.

Starting the conversation is easy. Here are some next steps you can take: 
1. Get in a group with someone who doesn’t look like you. When you expand your community, it shifts your perspective.
2. If you haven’t texted someone of a different race in the past week, make it your first priority to reach out to someone today.

Let's Talk: A Conversation on Racism

4 churches. 4 pastors. 1 voice. Click below to watch the full conversation. Or download this message below to show to your group, church, or family.

The Third Option

Learning how to value each other's differences is the first step to reconciliation.
Click below to watch more.

“The Third Option” by Miles McPherson

"The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation" by Miles McPherson is a great God-centered resource to alleviate racial tension in our churches, communities, and country.

Click below for a message from Pastor Miles McPherson along with a challenge to help spread hope that there are more who have love for each other than hate!

Additional Resources

Let's Talk: Downloadable Sermon Notes & Discussion Guide

Click below to download the sermon notes and discussion guide.

Change starts with us. Use this discussion guide to have healthy and important conversations with your friends and family. 

Bible Study: The Church and the Racial Divide

The average Christian may not fully understand why racial reconciliation is a gospel imperative. This Bible study features a multi-voice video series from evangelical leaders that sheds light on issues of race, culture, and the gospel, and equips small groups to take action.

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